ACCUVAC Basic (WM 10700)

You can rely on ACCUVAC Basic for safe suction. Effective ventilation is possible only after residual secretions have been removed from patient‘s airways. Thanks to the range of accessories, ACCUVAC Basic can be used anywhere it‘s needed – in the hospital, for mobile care or by emergency medical.

Infinitely adjustable (via rotary dial) vacuum regulation from -0.05 to -0.8 bar

Safe secretion collection with autoclavable reusable collection canister with bacteria filter or disposable collection canister with integrated overflow valve

Effortless cleaning and care

Crash-tested (EN DIN 1789) wall mounting for installation directly on vehicular wall or on device rails

Charge management

Plug-in charger

Practical wall mounting with integrated charger

Power unit and charger to charge battery or to operate via mains power supply

12-V cable for charging in vehicle

    Tahoma "> Power supply: 12 V, 3.5 A;

    Capacity secretion capacity: 900ml.;

    Maximum vacuum at 12 V: 0,8 bar (80 kPa);

    Suction flow at 12 V: 20 l / min;

    Operating temperature: -18 ° C - +40 ° C;

    Weight: ≈5,4 kg;

    Dimensions: 385 x 280 x 140 mm.

It can be used:

    suction accumulations of blood, secretions and food debris from the mouth, nose, throat and bronchial system;

    for evacuating air from the vacuum mattresses and vacuum tire.