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Air ambulances

Air ambulances

Air ambulances

Planes and helicopters of sanitary aviation

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has prepared a concept of development of air ambulance in Russiaand itsequipment with means of biological and chemical protection. Together with the Ministry of Health will work on the project the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Transport, the regional administrations.

The Ministry of Health shall determine the conditions and the procedure for pilot projects to determine the list of regions, first joined the program in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport to develop a justification for tariffs under sanitary evacuation aircraft.

Air ambulances with means of biological and chemical protectionused in remote regions, and also in cases where the ambulance, for whatever reasons, can not come to a heavy patient.

Absolute indications - the need for surgical intervention as soon as possible. By the means of sanitary aviation can be transported even pregnant women and mothers, newborn babies - helicopters are equipped with all the necessary means (transport incubators for newborns, wheelchairs, first aid bags, immobilizer, means of biological and chemical protection, ventilators and systems for transfusion), and vibration is different from land transport, the only drawback - the high level of noise.

This ambulances evacuate citizens suffered abroad.

Some regions are not waiting for federal approval of the program (2014-2015), already developing such a service on their own. In the Krasnodar region the Regional Clinical Hospital by the name of S.V.Ochapovskogo, for example, using for emergency missions two helicopters, one of which is a "flying ambulance" and performs 4-5 departures per day. There is a medical helicopter in the conduct of the government of Moscow, Tatarstan, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yakutia, Sakhalin and Kamchatka.

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