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AMSCO CENTURY MEDIUM steam sterilizer


Steris Amsco Century V120 Prevac Sterilizer

STERIS’ Amsco Century Medium Steam Sterilizers have a unique elliptical chamber in a variety of sizes, door types and cycle configurations, which allow for larger capacity loads to maximize throughput and reduce the number of processing cycles. The rugged design of this series provides superior durability to minimize downtime and exceptional longevity.


Sterilizer is designed to process loads at temperatures ranging from 110C to 134C. Gravity, pre-vacuum or liquid cycle can be selected by the user. Parameters are user programmable. Optional features are also available.


  • Productivity – Available in 26” x 26” for efficient sterilization of glassware, media prep and utensils with easy-to-read chamber/jacket gauges and 26” x 37.5” to provide capacity for higher volumes and large equipment such as animal cages.
  • Ease to Maintain –Century Stage IV control system provides complete message service diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.
  • Ease of Use – Century Stage IV control system is easily programmed for cycle development and monitoring.
  • Flexibility – Systems are designed to make the most of the valuable commodities (space, time and utilities) in the lab environment.
  • Reliability – Rugged construction ensure each system will meet the demanding standards of lab operations.

The Amsco Century Sliding-door Prevacuum Steam Sterilizer is designed for

efficient, sterilization of non-porous and porous, heat and moisture-stabile

materials. The Amsco Century Steam Sterilizer is available in the following


26" x 26" x 26" (660 x 660 x 660 mm)

26" x 36" x 39" (660 x 660 x 990 mm)

26" x 26" x 49" (660 x 660 x 1245 mm)

26" x 26" x 61" (660 x 660 x 1549 mm)

 Maximum reliability, performance and value

  • Prevacuum
  • Easy to use
  • Touchscreen-operated control system
  • Process control system provides continuous cycle monitoring and control, as well as service diagnostic assuring consistent cycle performance.

 Processes at temperatures from 100° C to 141° C, for efficient processing of porous heating and moisture-stable goods, and for decontamination of supplies after laboratory procedures.

Chamber Size 

 20 x 20 x 38

Operating Parameters

 Nameable cycles; security access codes for up to six operators; Selectable volume for audible alarms; Sterilizing time and temperature; temperature units in °C or °F.

Touchscreen Display

 30 lines x 40 characters; brightly fluorescent; easy-to-read in all lights; complete messages – no codes and abbreviations; self-prompting; help screens; moisture sealed; easy-to-clean; internal memory backs up cycle memory; and RS 232 interface port.