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AMSCO Evolution Steam Sterilizers

AMSCO Evolution Steam Sterilizers

AMSCO® Evolution® Steam Sterilizers are configured for prevacuum sterilization of heat- and moisture-stable materials used in healthcare facilities.

The difference in Evolution's controls is obvious, even from across the room. The end results - improvements in efficiency and productivity - will be just as clear. A dramatic redesign of Evolution's controls and displays includes crystal clear, high-resolution graphics and an Ethernet-enabled PC control. With one touch, operators can begin to learn it and put the control to work.

Look forward to Evolutionary differences in your Sterile Processing Department with greater throughput, reduced downtime and improved efficiency.

An Evolutionary advance in form and function Open the door and look inside. This is where AMSCO Evolution's unique shape really shines, providing consistent quality and reliability beyond other chamber designs. Evolution's unique, inherently strong round or elliptical form promotes even pressure and heat distribution within the chamber. It is also inherently efficient, with a fully jacketed chamber that minimizes condensation and maintains quality through every cycle. The 26"- wide chamber opening facilitates easy loading, and processes each load with minimal steam consumption. With a unique form, which improves function and helps to reduce operating costs over time, Evolution is an advance worth looking into.

AMSCO Evolution's unique features:

  • 316 L stainless steel construction - chamber and jacket
  • Fewer welds, resulting in less metal fatigue
  • Fully jacketed chamber to optimize even chamber heating and minimize condensation
  • Manual hinged door with easy-open locking mechanism
  • Automated horizontal or vertical door opening with auto-stop safety feature
  • Steam-activated gasket to lessen the possibility of air entering the chamber
  • Easy access and loading
  • Easy-to-align loading system eliminates operator handling of hot loads

An Evolutionary advance in installation and operation

Because of its exquisitely engineered modular design, Evolution's copper piping and wiring system can be rolled into place - to the left or right of the chamber - with all of the connections completed in about five minutes.

Leading-edge plumbing components work together in a freestanding design that makes perfect sense for ease of installation, operation and service.

But inside is where quality parts make a real difference in performance and longevity. Featuring high-performance Burkert valves, Evolution's new piping system is engineered to be the ultimate in modularity, reliability, and performance.