Argus pro transport

Experience the new freedom in intensive care monitoring

The ARGUS PRO Transport is an intensive care monitor which meets the specific needs of clinics and rescue services. The unit provides full performance for bedside and transport, without restrictions regarding the measured parameters.

Target group:

Intensive care unit

Operating theatre

Recovery room

Emergency ward

Rescue services

Operative range:

Patient monitoring in the emergency ward, the recovery room and the intensive care unit

Transport of monitored intensive care patients within the clinic

Interhospital transfer of intensive care patients by ambulance or helicopter

Unit performance:

In spite of its small size and low weight, the ARGUS PRO Transport provides the full functionality of the highest capacity intensive care monitoring systems of today. Its intuitive user interface, which is operated via touch screen, provides direct access to all important settings of the shown parameters. An unlimited number of display configurations can be saved so you can adapt the display to the needs of any monitoring situation.

Being part of the ARGUS PRO System, the ARGUS PRO Transport can display the data of any other ARGUS PRO monitor within the clinic network

The optional 4-in-1 mobile card gives you the additional possibility to send resting ECG data to a fax or a web server for further diagnosis. Your intranet data can the be accessed via VPN for process/procedure optimisation or to support your mobile units

Technical data ARGUS PRO Transport:

Height: 345 x 270 x 55 mm (l x w x h)

Weight: 3.2 kg (including rechargeable batteries)

Casing:Glass fiber reinforced ABS plastic/aluminium

Power supply: 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries (52 Wh each);115 V – 230 V; external battery charger

Optional: 9 V - 56 V DC IN/18 DC V OUT; external battery charger

TFT display:1024 x 768, 10.4“ touch screen

CPU/RAM/HD: 800 MHz/256 MB/20 GB

Interfaces:  1 x PS2, 2 x USB, loudspeaker, micro, 2 x PCMCIA multiport adapter for docking station

Standards: EN 60601-1, , class I 93/42/EEC

Operating temperature:0 °C – 45 °C

Docking station (optional)

System:Dimensions: 200 x 265 x 230 mm (l x w x h)

Weight: 2.5 kg


Power supply: 115 V – 230 V internal power supply unit/battery charger