Negative and positive pressure transport bag BIO- BAG: EBV-30/40

The BIO-BAG is a mobile device determined for primary transport of individuals suspected of highly dangerous infection or individuals touched by microbiological agents from contaminated place to a stationary plant designated to treat such individuals. The BIO-BAG can be even used for transportation of patients with hypo-immunity in order to protect them from an “impure“ environment.

  • availability of switching negative or positive pressure modes
  • produced by a manufacturing technology using high-frequency welding
  • large through views enable supervision of patient‘s condition
  • integrated gloves for basic medical treatment during transport
  • perfect patient fixation system during transportation
  • breathing support incoming port is optimized in order to connect all standard medical connectors
  • ports for infusions, drains, cardiograph electrodes
  • attached filtration-ventilation unit provides sufficient amount of filtered air, so that patient´s blood CO2 concentration is not above the limit
  • quality of filtered air is ensured by appropriate filters, placed both on inlet and outlet of the suit, all the viruses, bacteria and aerosols are captured
  • minimum operating time of filtration-ventilation unit is 4 hours
  • can be decontaminated and reused - filters are designed for safe decontamination process even in case of usage a solution as is organic acid peroxide acetic
  • design with special hermetic zipper avoids any liquid coming out/in
  • rapid set-up into operation
  • simple maintenance
  • in the negative pressure mode, it offers standard of protection BSL-3

Technical parameters: 

  • Dimensions unfolded: 203 x 64 x 44,5 cm (l x w x h)
  • Dimensions in the folded state: 98 x 22 x 60 cm (l x w x h)
  • Weight of the Bio-bag including accessories: 14 kg
  • Operating time: minimally 4 hours