Носилки-изолятор для инфекционных больных Caduceus BB (Bio-Bag)

Transport insulator Caduceus BB (Bio-Bag)

Caduceus BB is used to isolate and transport patients with respiratory infections and patients with immunodeficiency. Are intended for restriction of distribution of pathogens and protection of the personnel. The principle of operation is to create a negative or positive pressure with the air pump inside the insulator. Negative pressure prevents the penetration of contaminants from the portable insulator into the external environment and, thereby, contamination of other people, cleaning incoming and outgoing air through high-performance filters. Positive pressure is a barrier to bacteria to access the interior. Stretcher consists of an insulating coating of non-toxic transparent polyethylene with reinforcing ribs made of plastic. On the sides are 8 handles - 4 on each side. The fan runs on a lithium battery and is designed for 8-10 hours of continuous operation.


  • air pump with a set of filters;
  • 8 hermetic entrances for the transfer of medicines, food and equipment inside;
  • one port is equipped with a standard oxygen inlet;
  • All ports can be equipped with latex / butyl / neoprene gloves for personnel;
  • Charger;
  • Carrying bag;


  • dimensions in the expanded state: 200x67x38 cm;
  • dimensions in the assembled state: 130x70x25 cm;
  • weight: 12 kg;
  • weight: 15 kg in packing;

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