Call System for clinics HC-03.2

The equipment is designed for consulting rooms, observation rooms, laboratories and similar facilities. Designed for the loud call of patients. Main control panel, located, for example, in a consulting room, allows you to send a message in two directions, for example, in two separate foster. The device can be used for mutual voice communication between physicians' offices.

  • a combination of modern design and advanced technology with features that provide great comfort and easy maintenance
  • allows voice communication in two directions, with the management of the electric lock and the information signal "do not enter"
  • high reliability and guaranteed reliability of modern production technology

Display activities:

  • Indicator External call (voice line is busy)
  • Operation Door Lock
  • The inscription "Do not enter" on the light panel
  • Loud Voice

The new IP model range with touch screen offers a whole new direction for hospital communication systems focussing on the future. The diverse configuration system can be used to ensure the required level of comfort.

Codaco is a comprehensive manufacturer of electronic components on a high technological level. Manufacture of electronic components meet the strict criteria of standards ČSN EN 61340-5-1. All production processes meet the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. All electronic components are made with the removal of the tin alloy, in accordance with the European Directive.

Material: thermoplastic.

Color - white.