Reaching more people with a digital 3-channel ECG. The compact 12-lead ECG is a high-tech device for general practitioners as well as hospitals. Optional networking with XML output enables integration into larger systems.

The budget-priced high-tech ECG device.

Possibility of data transfer to SCHILLER Data Management System SEMA-200.


  • Intuitive and easy to use with direct keys
  • 12-lead Resting ECG with standard ECG measurements
  • Integrated graphical 3-channel LC display
  • Measurements
  • Easy Print: Integrated high-resolution thermal printer
  • Various user-programmable report formats on internal or external printer
  • Interface for external printer for printouts on standard paper
  • Storage and serial data transfer for Resting ECG data to a PC (with memory option)


  • Memory and data transfer to a PC or Information System
  • Interpretation software
  • Thrombolysis

Optional XML Data Transmission (needs memory option):

  • The AT-101 is available with the internal SCHILLER Communica-tion Module (SCM), which transmits Resting ECG data on XML format to a PC or Information Systems via:
    • Ethernet interface; or
    • Built-in analogue modem (optional)
  • This enables the AT-101 to be an integrated part of a larger systems solution
  • It is possible to see from what device the data has been trans-ferred from (serial no., identification, transfer date and time)
  • Secure transmission of patient data via the Internet is possible using 1024-bit strong encryption
  • Equipped with the add-on SCM Server, the SCHILLER Data Management System SEMA-200 can receive the XML output from the SCHILLER Communication Module


  • Dimensions: 290 x 198 x 76 mm, approx. 6 kg
  • Built-in monitor: 76 x 57 mm effective display area; 320 x 240 dots resolution
  • On-screen status indicators: Battery status, date, time, power source
  • Control panel and keyboard: User-friendly, alphanumeric keyboard, LED indicator and LC display
  • Power supply requirements: 220 – 240 V (nominal), 50/60 Hz;
  • 110 – 115 V (nominal), 50/60 Hz; stand-alone operation with built-in rechargeable battery; LED indicator for mains operation, integrated power supply unit
  • Battery capacity: 4 hours of normal use
  • Power consumption: Max. 28 VA

Technical Data for ECG:

Patient input circuit: Fully floating and isolated, defi brillationpro-tected (only with original SCHILLER patient cable)

Chart printout speed: 5/10/25/50 mm/s (manual print)

Sensitivities: 5/10/20 mm/mV, either automatically adjusted or manually selected

Automatic lead programs:

  • 3/6/12-channel presentations of 12 simultaneously recorded leads
  • Numerous printout formats can be selected
  • Thrombolyse Software (only in combination with C option) Recording track: 3/6/12-channel presentation, optimal positioning on a width of 72 mm (internal printer) or A4 (external printer), auto-matic baseline adjustment

Filter: Myogram filter (muscle tremor fi lter): 25 or 35 Hz, SCHILLER Baseline Stabilizer SBS, SCHILLER Smoothing Filter SSF

ECG amplifier:

  • Simultaneous recording of all 9 active electrode signals (= 12 leads)
  • Sampling frequency: 1000 Hz
  • Pacemaker detection: ≥±2 mV/≥0.1 ms

Scope of delivery for CARDIOVIT AT-101 Standard:

CARDIOVIT AT -101 Resting ECG with 12 simultaneous leads, pacema-ker detection, automatic ECG measurement


  • 1 10-lead patient cable
  • 1 set of electrodes or disposable electrodes
  • 1 power cable
  • 1 pack chart paper
  • Operating manual

Software options:

  • Thrombolysis Software
  • Memory for up to 40 measurements

- Computer-aided ECG interpretation for pediatric and adult ECGs (C)

  • SEMA-200 PC software to save, validate and archive ECG data on PC

 Hardware options:

  • Equipment trolley
  • External printer
  • Internal SCHILLER Communication Module with optional built-in analogue modem