The CARDIOVIT AT-102 is multifunctional 12-channel ECG wizard to record and automatically analyse resting ECGs, exercise ECGs and pulmonary function tests (spirometry). The familiar user interface and intuitive operation allow for higher productivity and efficiency - while offering great value for money.

The CARDIOVIT AT-102 is an expandable resting ECG system which is particularly suitable for routine use in the practice, clinic or in emergency medicine due to its intuitive and easy operation with direct function keys. By means of optional software, the system can very easily be upgraded to an ergometry or spirometry measuring station. Moreover, the CARDIOVIT AT-102 can be integrated in a hospital information system (HIS) from which work lists for planned ECG recordings can be downloaded to the CARDIOVIT AT-102. Mobile operation is ensured by

the integrated accumulator anytime and anywhere.

The integrated high resolution A4 real time printer guarantees long-term storing of ECG recordings in archive quality; thanks to the automatic paper feed, printing is now even easier. Fiddling with thermal paper is a thing of the past.

On the CARDIOVIT AT-102›s brilliant graphic display, all 12 ECG leads can be displayed in freely selectable sequences of 3, 6 or 12. Furthermore, an external LCD screen can be connected to the CARDIOVIT AT-102 (optional).

The most important cardio-pulmonary function tests combined in a single device:

  • Resting ECG
  • Exercise ECG
  • Spirometry


  • Intuitive, easy operation with direct function keys
  • 12-channel resting ECG
  • Measurement
  • Interpretation (optional)
  • Internal memory
  • A4 printouts on internal or external printer
  • Basic exercise test (option)
  • Connection of external monitor possible (option)
  • STP (SCHILLER throbolysis sofware)

The following programs are available:

  • Slow spirometry (VCin, VCex, VCmax, IRV, ERV, IC, TV, IRV ...)
  • Forced spirometry (FVCin, FVC, FEV1, PEF, FEV1/FVC, MEF50, MEF75, PIF,...)
  • MVV (SVC,RR, TV)
  • Flow-volume and volume-time curves
  • Interpretation programs in accordance with ATS or ERS


Dimensions: 400 x 330 x 101 mm,approx. 5 kg

Built-in monitor: 120 x 90 mm effective display area, 320 x 240 dots resolution

On-screen status indicators: Battery status, date, time,power source

Control panel and keyboard: User-friendly, alphanumeric keyboard, LED indicator and LC display

Power supply requirements: 220–240 V (nominal), 50/60 Hz; 110–115 V (nominal), 50/60 Hz; stand-alone operation with built-in rechargeable battery; LED indicator for mains operation, integrated power supply unit Battery capacity: 4 hours of normal use (approx. 300 automatic ECG printouts or 100 spirometry records)

Power consumption: Max. 30 VA