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Stationary pendant for specialized medical workplaces, mainly for acute emergency rooms and smaller operating theatres.

This type of gas and energy supply terminal unit is specially designated for operating theatres, ICU and ARD. It facilitates supplies of medical gases, electric current and weak current to workplace of medical specialists. The pendant with rotary source column and a detachable shelf can serve also as a medical device holder.



1 Source Column (A)

2 Set of arms ( max 3 arms )

3 False ceiling cover (O 580, height 180)

4 Spacer

5 False Ceiling

6 Ceiling

7 Floor

H = Ceiling Height

H2 = False Ceiling Height

Material: anodized aluminum. Its advantages: lightness, strength, safety, health, corrosion resistance and UV durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics; anodized surface does not darken and does not require additional processing.

Any type of ceiling pendant and source columns can be combined each other, altogether.This option is suitable for healthcare facilities with the most intensive patient care. Its main advantage is the high capacity of media outlets (up to 1000) and possibility to mount a large number of different accessories and equipments.

This product is manufactured following the standard applicable to medical devices, ČSN EN ISO 11197:2005, ČSN EN 60601-1:2001, ČSN EN ISO 7396-1,2:2007 and ČSN EN ISO 9170-1,2:2009.