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Clamps and handrails

Clamps and handrails

Clamps and handrails

Parts belonging to the medical consoles - wall rail, medical rails,wedgesand clips.

Handrails: facilitating to independent movement of the patient, placement of additional devices by means of clips (suction capacity), holders of infusion solutions, installation of mobile and functional shelves on medical rail.

Handrails are always present in the large-sized medical consoles, vacuum systems, operating microscopes, transport ventilator to facilitate movement.

Medical rails may be for floor, wall, ceiling, vertical and horizontal; mobile and fixed attached to medical consoles, functional medical bed, protective box for the transportation of infected patients and transport incubators for newborns.

Material for handrails - mostly stainless steel.

Clip option - ring-holder (for containers, infusion systems). The clamps are secured by a wedge or a screw mechanism. The gripping means may be a separate device may be built into the equipment (for example - a syringe pump Techic I).

WestMedGroup Company offers a wide range of holders, medical rails and wedges for the medical practice:

  • Aluminum mounts to the bar;
  • ABS attachment;
  • Chrome attachment;
  • Wall-mounted housing ABS;
  • Wedge OHMEDA;
  • The aluminum holder;
  • Stainless steel handrail.