Codaco Electronic

Codaco Electronic

Experience, precision, reliability, modern technology.

The firm Codaco Electronic was founded in1993 as an association of natural persons. In 1997 the firm transformed into a public trading company with the business name Codaco Electronic v.o.s. Since its transformation in the year 2005 the firm has had the business name Codaco Electronic s.r.o.

The main areas of our activities are:

  • development and production of communication systems for healthcare
  • development and production of special applications and control systems for single-purpose equipment
  • mounting and soldering of boards with printed circuits using conventional and SMT technology specially to order

One of the main subjects of our activity is the area of communication systems for healthcare. We currently offer an integrated range of communication and signalling devices intended for hospitals, sanatoria, social care institutes and similar facilities. This unique and comprehensive programme which we have developed ensures reliable communication between clients and personnel. From calling equipment in surgeries and nurse-patient signalling system, right up to an integrated and comfortable communication system for inpatient wards of medical facilities. A high level of comfort for patients and personnel of medical facilities, easy operation and reliability are our priorities.

Thanks to our many years of experience, use of the latest technological trends and thorough analysis of our customers’ needs we can offer the best solutions which meet the demanding requirements for communication in modern medical facilities. After-sales customer care and equipment servicing are a matter of course for us.

When developing and manufacturing these systems we emphasise in particular reliability and accommodation of the user. Thanks to modern production technology and the quality policy introduced in our company we have a majority share on the market for healthcare communication equipment.

Products of the Czech company Codaco Electronic lead the competition. Excellent quality and precise workmanship. More than twenty years of experience with the development and production of communication equipment, the ability of our workers and focus on the latest technology allow us to achieve an excellent standard for our electronic equipment.