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Cryogenic Medical gasifiers

Cryogenic Medical gasifiers

Cryogenic Medical gasifiers

Cryogenic gasifiers are designed for storage of liquefied nitrogen, oxygen and argon gasification and their distribution to the consumer in the gaseous state with automatic control of flow rates and pressures.

Cryogenic gasifiers are used instead of high pressure cylinders for medical gas supply.

Gasification plant compared with balloon-ramp systems have a number of technological and economic advantages:

Permanent recharging cylinders ramp leads to rapid wear supply pipes and valves, and requires, compared with the gasification station more frequent repair and maintenance.

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The advantages of using cryogenic gasifiers:

low cost of producing the product gas (argon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide);

no loss of product;

decrease in labor costs in the operation of the installation; increased safety due to the lack of high pressure;

it does not require the presence of the operator during operation.

Cryogenic gasifiers supplied in a maximum prefabrication, which minimizes the time and costs of commissioning. They are installed outside of buildings, on the open tarmac.

Cold cryogenic gasifiers have a high level of security, but it is recommended to work with them in overalls.