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Defibrillation, Monitoring and Ventilation in One Hand

Defibrillation, Monitoring and Ventilation in One Hand

Defibrillation, Monitoring and Ventilation in One Hand


MEDUCORE Standard is your strong partner for resuscitation. The defibrillator supports EMTs with automgatic analysis of cardiac rhythm, understandable voice prompts and a metronome for chest compressions so you can keep an eye on everything.

The charging is done while MEDUCORE Standard is analysing the heart rythem. The simultaneous operations reduce hands-off patient time to a minimum. Trained users can choose to trigger defibrillation manually and do without the automatic heart rhythm analysis. The simple menu navigation and the professional alarm system ensure reliable monitoring and patient care. The long rechargeable battery life and the compact and rugged construction of MEDUCORE Standard also contribute to providing the best possible emergency medical care.

The large color display of ECG and other important parameters of heart rate, pulse and oxygenation keep the user informed at all times. All these features and functions make defibrillator MEDUCORE Standard the perfect partner in the care of emergency patients under the toughest conditions.

Besides close monitoring, your emergency patients may need oxygen therapy or emergency ventilation. Up until now, you had to have several devices on hand to serve all their needs.

Now for the first time defibrillator MEDUCORE Standard combines defibrillation, monitoring, oxygen therapy and ventilation in a single mobile system. For this purpose the defibrillator and MEDUMAT ventilator have to be integrated in a LIFE-BASE portable system. MEDUCORE Standard is then the perfect player in patient transport, First Responder teams and disaster medicine, ambulance services and hospitals.

The company Westmedgroup provides sales and mounting of equipment for defibrillation and ventilation.