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High-quality design, judicious placement of medical equipment determines the safety and quality of operation. It solves the construction and operational tasks to meet the requirements of medical technology. The proximity of certain types of equipment is highly undesirable, on the basis of safety (electrical and gas equipment). Therefore, it is imperative that such sections of designing health care facilities, as connecting to the communications area, the functional layout of the premises carried out by qualified personnel. We carry out all the stages: pre-project preparation, development of design and working documentation, technological solutions with which the customer can be acquainted at any time.

The jurisdiction of our specialists are finishing work, because there are certain rules governing the materials used for the finishing of floors, walls and ceilings of such institutions.

At the design stage we discussing the specialized facilities and necessary equipment. In addition, at this stage it is necessary to take into account some specific features of health care - the "pure" sterile zone, the need for the separation of traffic flows of people, staff, patients, supplies (it is important for the prevention of nosocomial infections).

Medical gas systems are used in all areas of modern medicine - surgery, cryosurgery, anesthesiology, pulmonology, endoscopy, diagnostics, calibration, medical equipment and many others. Timely reliable delivery and quality installation of medical gas is the key to the effective functioning of health institutions.

If repair buildings of medical institutions there is a need of reconstructing the system of medical gas supply. The best time to upgrade the system of medical gas supply - with the renovation of the premises of the hospital. This is the most cost-effective approach that allows to quickly and accurately create a new system of medical gas supply, taking into account all the modern requirements.

WestMedGroup provides a full range of design, renovation and equipping servises. Through an integrated approach significantly reduced the cost of all stages of the construction of gas systems in hospitals.

Experts of the company WestMedGroup will create a project in accordance with the health and safety standards and will coordinate an project documents with the competent authorities. The project will be met all the rules established by the national legislation in the design of health facilities.