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Double-sided ZMP07

This type of medical beam is used wherever medical gas outlets and high/low-voltage installations to be fitted both module sides.

Double-sided ZMP07

1 - electrical socket

2 - indirect light

3 - direct light

4 - medical rail

5 - gas quick outlet

6 - beam stem

 Double-sided ZMP07

1 Rotary trolley with shelf

2 Brakets with arms (equipment)

3 False ceiling cover (320x340x80)

4 Spacer                                                 

5 False ceiling

6 Ceiling

7 Floor

H = Ceiling height

H2= False ceiling height

A = Span length between anchor legs

Amax=1950 – 120 mm

Material: anodized aluminum. Its advantages: lightness, strength, safety, health, corrosion resistance and UV durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics; anodized surface does not darken and does not require additional processing.

This product is manufactured following the standard applicable to medical devices, ČSN EN ISO 11197:2005, ČSN EN 60601-1:2001, ČSN EN ISO 7396-1,2:2007 and ČSN EN ISO 9170-1,2:2009. Gearboxes for medical gases conformity with technical regulations on the safety of machinery and equipment (Government Decree of 15.09.2009 №753).