Expandable medical containers ZVK

Medical container ZVK is a special container that allows expand in twice its area. Designed primarily for use in the army, mobile medical complexes, and in the rescue services. Simplicity, ease and speed are the main advantages of the layout of the product. Two people can easily cope with the installation and layout of the container.

Compared with conventional sliding containers this product has several fundamental benefits and advantages:

  • All internal equipment can be transported inside the container tightly fixed;
  • Easy and fast layout, you can put in the performance of the nomination on the one hand,
  • A simple mechanical way of pulling out – reliability of container (not required hydraulic or electric drive);
  • Compliance with size ISO 1C, panel CSC;
  • Ability to improve the ballistic resistance;
  •      Container is divided into technological and operational parts;

The container can be operated as independent autonomous unit. The container can be easily transported on a standard commercial vehicles. Once assembled, transported condition corresponds to the size of ISO 1C. They have full modularity and compatibility with other systems field, mobile medical and humanitarian facilities (connection to other containers or tents and .t.d.).

The variable volume shelters can be fitted out for the following uses:

First Aid Unit

Operating Theatre Unit

Intensive Care Unit

Analysis Lab

X-Ray Unit

Scanner Unit (CAT)


Control Unit

Radio rooms, etc.