Fliter ventilation unit FA 300 HS

The device is used for collective protection of people in civil, health or military environment. It is determined for NBC air filtration of smaller spaces like e. g. vehicles, ambulance cars, bioboxes, ICU, small tents, mobile labs, containers, ships, bunkers, shelters etc. Generally for rooms approx 50 m3 size.

Technical parameters:

  • Air-flow rate: 100 m3/hod
  • function – input and output Ø 160 mm
  • function – input and output 2x Ø 100 mm
  • Power supply  a) 230 V  b) DVia voltage changer 12 VVia voltage changer 24 V
  • Input: 674 W; 1 phase
  • Current: 3 A
  • Weight 24 kg
  • Noise level 54 dB