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Flow selector

Flow selector

Flow selector

Classification ofbreathing circuitsdepending on the gas flow using flow selector

the gas flowin the circuit(N2О+О2)


> 4 l/min


1,0-0,5 l/min

low flow

< 0,5 l/min


= absorption of anesthetic gases and vapors by patient at a given time 

closed circuit

Flow selectorare used to redirect the flow of flux vector gas / liquid in the right direction (via Quick Connect). Stream flow selectorsoptionally present in the gas distribution installations supplied and mounted by WestMedGroup. Similar devices are used in medicine, the oil and automotive industries. The main function offlow selector- to select the optimal mode of operation of the timing circuit.

The device is primarily developed for oxygen and saves time when connecting the oxygen humidifier. Selectors are small in size and weigh 100-200 grams.