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Monitoring device MZU with touchscreen is designed for clinical and operational status warning in medical gas pipeline and distribution resources.

Its purpose is either to warn the staff by means of light or/and sound alarm that something unusual with gas pressure, flow or supply happened, or to send a status information to external devices.

MZU can be built-in or wall-mounted, its setting is always done in menu using a touchscreen.

The pre-setting of the monitored parameters is done in device menu through touchscreen directly at the place of installation.

It works by evaluating the information received by the communication system (cycle) of individual sensors. In accordance with the type of equipment different systems possible for 6, 12 or 18 cycles of the merged (following locations) with the ability to connect individual types of sensors and select the pressure border evaluation.

To signal exceeding or falling managed pressure in each cycle, there are two red LEDs. The level of pressure is regulated and programmed using the configuration software.

The upper LED (16 bar) is activated when you exceed the upper pressure level, the lower LED indicates a fall below the level of pressure. Any excess or falling set pressure level is indicated as an optical and audible alarm with high priority.

Defective or short cycle is signaled by a yellow LED "FAULT" and an acoustic alarm. Alarm "NORMAL OPERATION" - glow in the case of normal operation of the system: there is no interference and the pressure of all the elements is in the prescribed range according to the configuration. The staff has the option of using the corresponding button to turn off the audible alarm.

This product is manufactured following the standard applicable to medical devices, ČSN EN ISO 11197:2005, ČSN EN 60601-1:2001, ČSN EN ISO 7396-1,2:2007 and ČSN EN ISO 9170-1,2:2009. Gearboxes for medical gases conformity with technical regulations on the safety of machinery and equipment (Government Decree of 15.09.2009 №753).