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Hospital communication systems

Hospital communication systems

Hospital communication systems

Ideally, the supervision of the patient in the clinic should be carried out every second. But we all know that the human factor, staffing constraints, especially outside the big cities, does not allow to allocate per patient permanent care providers. The number of doctors and nurses are always less than the patients. But in the age of modern technology to help people comes appliances.

Electronics monitors the parameters of life support. With patients who are conscious, even easier - they can press the nurse call button (there are buttons and cancel the call), if they feel unwell. There are similar alarm for supply of painkillers and call systems.

The cost of wiring and electricity savings payback the time and effort on the flow of information.

Simple phones, or modern touch panels and call systems on the walls are needed for timely communication with resuscitation departments of blood transfusion, laboratories, supply of anesthetic gases resuscitation to call for reinforcements.

The corridors have established panel with speakers to alert personnel of a hospital-wide events.

WestMedGroup offers a wide range of communications systems for health care institutions: call systems, two-way radios, conference speaker with LEDs. Alarm systems are used for usual warnings about technological malfunctions (fire, gas leak).