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Hospital doors

Hospital doors

Hospital doors

For all elements of hospital facilities sanitary requirements are higher than in other quarters. Hospital swing doors must withstand repeated handling detergents (they contain harsh chemicals). They must be mechanically strong, moisture resistant and undeformable.

A separate item worth doors in the laboratory and X-ray rooms - X-ray protective door must also have the radiation shield ability. Additional requirements are a good sound insulation, providing comfortable conditions of stay in hospital for patients and staff, and fire resistance.

The most common mechanical damage inflicted by wheelchairs, so the swing door jambs must have a high impact resistance. Very convenient manual and automatic  sliding door - they do not protrude into the room, do not interfere with the passage of people and equipment placement.

In the intensive care department, which requiring constant monitoring of the patient, is inserted in the swing door safety glass or other transparent material.

Fixing systems and locks should consider the specificity of operation at the hospital.

At the present time, the economic aspect is also have significance - doors should be durable and require minimal operating costs. For example, automatic sliding doors - with touch sensors - in modern operating rooms.

The most convenient material for swing doors fittings - stainless steel, corresponding to the maximum listed requirements.

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