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Hospital infection

Hospital infection

Hospital infection

Hospital infection is strong and treacherous

According to official statistics, every year in the Russian Federation recorded from 50 to 60 thousand cases of nosocomial infection, however, the calculated data, the actual figure is 40-50 times higher.

The economic damage caused by nosocomial infections is enormous: in Russia this figure is a conservative estimate may reach 15 bln. rubles per year. Prevention of nosocomial infections today are among the priorities of the development of public health and scientific research. Hospital-acquired infections are caused by microorganisms persisting in hospital rooms. It has frequent contact with antibiotics and, as a consequence of acquiring resistance to them. Treatment of pneumonia and other infections caused by them are extremely long and expensive.

The obstetric problem of nosocomial infections is one of the most important. Kids, especially premature, vulnerable to even a neutral adult microorganisms. It requires a total control - of hands of medical personnel, of environment maternity units and clean room, sterility and safety of any medical device.

About a quarter of all bloodstream infection is associated with the widespread catheterization of blood vessels. The most important role in the prevention of such infections have a modern materials - catheters, distinguishes adhesive dressings with antiseptic properties.

The system of biological protection includes a plurality of stages, from the development of innovative supplies, to the complex technology solutions that significantly reduce the human impact on the percentage of infections nosocomial infections in hospitals. Hospitals installed new equipment for sterilization and disinfection: steam sterilizers, washers.

One way to solve the problem of nosocomial infections is the development of high-tech medicine, system of biological protection and at the same time - innovative systems for decontamination using disinfectant solutions, modern equipment for sterilization and disinfection. Large funds are invested in the development of " clean room " technologies - engineering solutions and innovative materials for operating rooms, wards, observation rooms.
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