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Humidifier oxygen - climate device used primarily to increase humidity indoors. In health care, it is accessory for medical gases. Functionality hydration may also be present in complex devices of air conditioning and ventilation.

In 1972, the French firm developed a thermostat. 20 years later, in 1992, was released a new type of heater - convector. Unlike other types of heaters, convector was not violate the air composition and was provided with a small bottle of water. The first company that produces humidifiers for the home, became the Swiss company Plaston (under the brand Boneco).

The humidifier for breathing mixtures used in medicine during inhalation anesthesia, as well as the support spontaneous breathing or by artificial ventilation means (ALV), and in other circumstances, where the therapeutic target, maintain a constant flow rate of the gas mixture.

Technology of moistening breathing mixtures

The process of humidification and heating is carried out during the promotion of air oxygen mixture over hot water.

That is, in addition to the functions of hydration, breathing mixtures humidifier heats and maintain the established temperature balance. On the digital display console displays all medical data incorporated program. In addition, the unit provides a visual and audible alarm that informs health personnel about the failure of the program. In the case of raising or lowering the temperature of the mixture, triggered automatic shutdown devices on the block of the patient.

The functions of the humidifier:

* Maintain the temperature of the mixture for breathing automatic manner;

* The ability to use any device ventilator, including systems and chemical and biological protection;

* The alarm is triggered on failure of the program;

* Maintaining the protective function of the respiratory tract;

* Reducing the risk of infections, elimination of pathogens.

According to GOST 22270-76 humidifiers may be of different types:

* Nozzle - water spray nozzles under the pressure of the air.

* Rotary - water sprayed rotating disk.

* Film - humidification occurs when coming into contact with the wetted surface of the nozzle.

* Porous - humidification occurs due to the evaporation of water from the wet porous material.

* Of steam - humidification is due to evaporation and boiling water, organized by the heating element.

* Steam - steam from a central source or their own fed directly into the air stream.

* Ultrasonic - like nozzle and rotary spraying water, but spray is an ultrasonic transducer.

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