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Incubators the newborns

Incubators the newborns

Incubators the newborns

Incubator for newborns, or infants, is a device with automatic oxygen supply and maintaining optimum temperature and humidity. It is intended for intensive care. Incubators for newbornsare equipped with alarm systems in case of deviation from the set parameters.

Premature babies have weak lungs, undeveloped layer of surfactant, in the early days they need help in the maintenance of vital functions and treatment of hypoxia. Preterm newborns are highly susceptible to heat loss, so it is particularly important to quickly and in time compensate heat loss and put the child in a comfortable environment. Incubator for newbornscapable of changing the slope and position of the baby's body.

For convenience, every second child incubators are constructed from clear glass / plastic.

Maintaining of the moisture carried out by distilled water in a special container and the fan guide flow from the heating element.

Incubators for newbornsare made of impact-resistant materials, resistant to aggressive detergents and bactericidal radiation.

In addition, manufacturers can embed in incubators the scales of Ascent and slopes, self-diagnosis, touch screens and LCD screens, space for an X-ray cassette rails and clips for additional equipment.

 WestMedGroupequips pediatric departmentsand intensive care departmentsfor newborns. Our products cover the whole range of accessories for the pediatric intensive care unit: gas distribution consoles, terminals, medical monitors and valve systems, anesthesia machines, ventilators.

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