Installation - assembly, mounting in design position and the permanent attachment of structural elements of engineering or manufacturing equipment, waste production.

Our company offers the services of a qualified mounting of medical equipment. Installation of explosive gas systems and electrical equipment (oxygen concentrator, or gas distribution arm, or cryogenic gasifier) requires knowledge of technical specifications and safety regulations. Our specialists guarantee the quality of the installation and staff training, as well as subsequent maintenance.

Installation of equipment include:

Work on the assembly and installation process, lifting, transport, pumping and other equipment at the place of its permanent operation, including the verification and quality testing of installation;

Delivery water, air, steam and cooling fluids for the equipment. Gasket, broaching and installation of cables, electrical wires and communication wires.

Mounting and installation of technology steel structures, service platforms, ladders and other devices structurally associated with the equipment.

Work on the insulation and painting equipment to be installed and technological pipelines.

Installation of gas equipment and water systems must be carried out by specialized companies and companies with a license to perform this type of work. Organization is obliged to make a mark in the warranty card or the data sheet for the gas equipment.

Installation and commissioning of medical equipment in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents. After completing the installation, control tests are conducted to evaluate the performance of the product and, if necessary, to compare the results with the specified characteristics specified in the documentation. All test results are recorded in the minutes.

Our company basing on the SRO tolerances carries out installation of various medical equipment: metal ceilings, walls and paneling, doors (x-ray, turning, sliding), medical consoles, communication systems, alarm systems, fluorescent lamps.