LIFE-BASE 4 NG (WM 9605)

The robust aluminum construction and front bracket on the LIFE-BASE 4 NG gives the mounted devices ideal mechanical protection. In this most spacious of all portable systems, there is plenty of room in the protective bag for the MEDUMAT Transport  patient hose system. The long zippers on the side flaps allow quick and convenient access to the devices. Two roomy side bags, available as accessories, have space for the power supply unit and charger for MEDUMAT Transport or for an extra rechargeable battery.

LIFE-BASE 4 NG fits in the reinforced version of the wall mounting BASE-STATION III. Both portable systems LIFE-BASE III and LIFE-BASE 4 NG are then interchangeable. This is particularly interesting for emergency medical services working in a rendezvous system in which LIFE-BASE 4 NG is in the emergency doctor’s vehicle and the LIFE-BASE III is in the ambulance.

The charger interface for the MEDUMAT Transport power supply can be integrated in the portable system LIFE-BASE 4 NG. In stressful situations, you don’t have to stop to disconnect cables before you can remove the portable system from the BASE-STATION. In addition to the variable gurney and bed mounting, LIFE-BASE 4 NG has a shoulder strap that guarantees comfortable carrying. 

Portable system LIFE-BASE offers you the option of assembling a highly individualized, mobile therapy system with exactly the technology you need. You can combine our defibrillator/monitoring systems, ventilators and pressure reducers, oxygen cylinders and modules.

Thanks to the modular design, you can quickly and easily put together a system to match your requirements.

All portable system variants are extremely robust and specially made to fulfill the needs for everyday emergency responses. In emergency vehicles on the ground and in the air, LIFE-BASE is ideally protected by the crash-proof BASESTATION mounting.