Portable system for oxygen therapy in MCI and disasters

It is a major challenge for medical staff to provide oxygen to patients in the event of Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) and disasters. First they have to give immediate care to large numbers of seriously injured patients. Support for their work comes from handy, portable and flexible inhalation units such as LIFE-BASE III MCI. The 2-liter oxygen cylinder integrated in the portable system bridges the gap until a complete external oxygen system with large cylinders can be set up.

As soon as the oxygen logistics system is ready for use, any LIFE-BASE III MCI can be connected to the external oxygen supplies by means of different quick-coupling systems and connection hoses. Designed with emergency conditions in mind, LIFE-BASE III MCI can simultaneously supply oxygen to as many as five patients quickly and efficiently.

Simultaneous delivery of oxygen to several patients with a single system

Simple inhalation can be expanded to ventilation function with use of MEDUMAT Easy CPR ventilator

Inhalation options via MODUL

Oxygen or oxygen administrator

Crash-resistant LIFE-BASE III MCI (as per EN 1789) fits in every vehicle equipped with the wall mounting BASE-STATION III or BASE-STATION 3 NG

Can be used in combination with other WEINMANN

Emergency products (e.g., with O2 Box Rescue)

Integrated gurney and bedrail holder

Quick response with direct flow selection

External oxygen feed possible

DIN coupling for supply from external devices (WM 8257)

Device dimensions (W x H x D in mm): 465 x 295 x 145

Weight (empty, in kg): 3.0

Protective bag: removable

Fulfills standards: DIN EN 1789