LIFE-BASE Mini II (WM 9120)

Portable system LIFE-BASE offers you the option of assembling a highly individualized, mobile therapy system with exactly the technology you need. You can combine our defibrillator/monitoring systems, ventilators and pressure reducers, oxygen cylinders and modules.

Thanks to the modular design, you can quickly and easily put together a system to match your requirements.

All portable system variants are extremely robust and specially made to fulfill the needs for everyday emergency responses. In emergency vehicles on the ground and in the air, LIFE-BASE is ideally protected by the crash-proof BASESTATION mounting.

Its small, compact shape gives LIFE-BASE Mini II great stability and makes it the perfect device for treatment in close quarters.

The user can more easily operate the device and read the displays because the device is mounted at a slant.

     Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 464 x 265 x 215;

     Weight 2.6 kg;

     Bag for accessories: removable;

     Compliance with standards: DIN EN 1789;

     Class of Product (MDD Standards): I.