Main terminal HC-01.5

New IP based singaling system with simple upgrade possibility for full IP speech system

  • Easy installation and interconnection of system components via modern IP (ETHERNET) technology
  • Simple and easy operations with color touch screen based master terminal
  • High standard and user friendly system with possibility to use voice communication for nurses, doctors and staff
  • History server PC based software with possibility to download and store call history
  • Possibility to connect the system with SQL based database information systems
  • Optical signalization following DIN VDE 0834 standard
  • Possibility to use DECT phones showing information about call
  • Easy customization and software configuration of the system
  • Simple installation and maintenance of the system
  • Self-diagnostics of the system
  • Reliability of operation


  • Special button for calling of resuscitation team


  • Nurse presence (green button)
  • Staff presence (yellow button)
  • Programmable buttons in each unit with possibility to set priority of calls
  • Possibility of voice communication with doctors
  • Registration of personnel by using wireless RFID cards
  • Up to 4 outputs for possible connection with call units
  • Possibility to define types of call accepted by room terminal (e.g. doctor call only)


  • LAN module for connection to PC/laptop

The optic-acoustic nurse-patient signalling system is a low-cost solution for patients and nursing staff in departments where mutual voice communication is necessary. It can be used primarily in hospitals in intensive case departments, but thanks to its ease of operation it can also be used in children’s or psychiatric departments. It also has a place in care homes, and for ensuring safety it can also be used in an emergency in sanatoria or spa facilities. The use of this high-performance signalling offers capacity for modification and user friendliness in other operations with high demands for ensuring non-voice communication.

Codaco is a comprehensive manufacturer of electronic components on a high technological level. Manufacture of electronic components meet the strict criteria of standards ČSN EN 61340-5-1. All production processes meet the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. All electronic components are made with the removal of the tin alloy, in accordance with the European Directive.

Material: thermoplastic, stainless steel

Color - white.