MANUVAC® (WM 10800)

Manual suction pump

Operated with foot or hand

Coarse particles can be suctioned with two-level suction hose.

Operation requires no electrical power


No maintenance (no additional costs)

Collection canister can be detached for operation in close quarters (e.g., at emergency scene).

The manual suction pump MANUVAC works without an electric power supply. It can be operated by hand or foot, easily and dependably. With the help of a two-stage suction hose, coarser particles, too, can be suctioned up. Like the Omnivac vacuum-operated suction apparatus, it is maintenance free, so there are no follow-on costs. MANUVAC fits into the Ulm emergency case and into the Rescue-Pack. The removable secretion container allows suctioning and pumping to be spatially separated in tight emergency locations.

  • comes with removable 370 milliliter secretion container
  • 2-stage suction hose
  • good suction performance resulting from strong 700 millibar vacuum

Despite its small dimenstions, MANUVAC has strong suction capability with a maximum -700 mbar. It can remove up to 160 ml of secretion per pedal push. The removable secretions container is equipped with a two-stage hose system for the suction of mucous, blood and solid food particles.

Capacity: 160 ml 1 pedal;

MAXI  vacuum: 0.7 bar (70 kPa);

Volume of polysulfone capacity: 375 ml;

Weight: ≈1,4 kg;

Dimensions: 205 x 105 x 175 mm