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Medical connectors

Medical connectors

Medical connectors

Medical connectors (fittings, joints, sockets, plugs) are designed for fast and strong matching to the correct piece of equipment. This component parts for medical gas supply systems, widely used in medical valve systems. While working with gas equipment (mechanical ventilation systems, gas supply) are particularly important to correctly choose the device suitable for a specific type of gas. This helps the specific shape and marking of fittings. Westmedgroup company offers a wide range of sockets, medical connector and fittings production Flowmeter. Medical connectors may be hose, smooth, but hose is quick and easy stretched, so it can easily fly off under pressure.

Fittings can be screw / threaded -- it is stronger, but more difficult in maintenance. May be magnetic insert for reinforcing the coupling.

Fitting refers to the connection fittings, and is actively used in the construction of gas distribution networks. Fittings can be made of any kind of metals and alloys, the most common - brass. It is used in demountable gas distribution systems, where it also serves as sealant.

Additional elements of the medical connector may be coupling or threaded nipple.

Fittings can be of a material - plastic, polypropylene, cast iron, titanium, brass, stainless steel, copper.

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