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Medical containers

Medical containers

Medical containers

Disposal of medical waste - is responsible area. Garbage generated in the process, can not throw anywhere, and not only because of concerns about the environment, but also to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. Equipment for chemical and biological defense - is also bags and containers for disposal of potentially hazardous waste. Clean rooms, wards in the hospital - is a guarantee of the absence of infectious complications and iatrogenic diseases. Along with protective chambers to isolate and transport infected patients, also needed appropriate action against contacting with them tools. WestMedGroup offers its clients a wide range of meansofbiologicalprotectionin the form of medical containersfor the collection of biological waste.

In the Russian Federation on 17 February 2011 came into force the rules and regulations dealing with medical waste and meansofbiologicalprotectionN called "rules of collection, storage and disposal of health facilities".

Classes of medical waste:

* Non-hazardous - A;

* Dangerous - B;

* Extremely hazardous - In;

* Similar in composition to the industry - T;

* Radioactive - D.

Each group of meansofbiologicalprotectioncorresponds to the color of danger.

White bags of medical waste (A) used for storage of substances that do not have contact with the bodily fluids of the patient. They contain non-toxic products that are not in contact with infectious patients.

Yellow meansofbiologicalprotectionare used for medical waste Group B - a potentially infected items (primarily goods and materials contaminated with blood) - a system of biological protection.

Red bags for an extremely dangerous debris that had contact with sick or especially dangerous infections. Such packages usually utilized laboratory balances, where work with microorganisms of pathogenicity groups 1-4, medical waste, are typical of mycological and TB health facilities, as well as the elements that come into contact with sick anaerobic infection.

Group Dmeansofbiologicalprotection is used for the disposal of assets, products and devices containing mercury - is part of the chemical defense. It is black.

Requirements for medical containers: the effective barrier function, integrity, environmental friendliness, ease of use and accessibility.

The packages and containers shall be made of durable materials, the most resistant to leakage, friction, tearing, corrosive chemicals. For safe and convenient operation it is very important design products: size, shape, stability, filling method, the presence of locks and dock shelters, the density of the walls. Containers for transport of pharmaceuticals, biological tissues and samples that are sensitive to temperature conditions, must maintain the required level of cooling to keep all the characteristics of the content, which is important in transplantation and hematology.

The company WestMedGroup offers a wide range of first aid bags, immobilizers and equipment for chemical and biological protection for emergency stations, including areas with dangerous epidemiological situation, from manufacturers Weinmann, Spencer, Ego Zlin. WestMedGroup offers a choice of washing machines and autoclaves from Steris