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Medical emergency suitcase


Size: 33x20x50 cm 

Weight: about 5 kg (depending on the internal configuration)


Size: 33x20x66 cm

Weight: 3 kg

Bag made of washable and easily disinfected material. High quality materials prolong the use of suitcases, as well as ease of handling in critical situations - zipper YKK, buckles «velcro YKK», stripes, reflectors, etc.

Modular internal structure.

Walls inside pockets sealed, the upper cover is made of transparent, frost-resistant film.

Each pocket is closed with two high-quality YKK zippers.

The simplified system of conversion into a backpack suitcase using wide belts.

2 comfortable handles to carry for short distances.

Large external zipper pocket.

With stripes, reflective safety is guaranteed in the dark.

To protect the faces of the suitcase are patches of anti-slip material.

2 basic models of large suitcases. One - with a system of eight separate pockets, the other - with pockets and a cover for the oxygen cylinder with an insulating pad for the valve