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Medical tents, tent hospital

Medical tents, tent hospital

Medical tents, tent hospital

New pneumoframe medical tent hospital that can parachute from an airplane, in the spring of 2013 made available to Russian Airborne Troops. Before that tent hospitals were widely used by law enforcement agencies.

* Inflatable prefabricated premises of rubberized fabric is used for temporary or long-term autonomous residence in the aftermath of natural disasters, in the event of disasters and technological accidents, geologists, maintenance crews on the nave, railways. Apply for the deployment of field headquarters, control centers, camps, medical hospitals, sanitary facilities (washroom) and for other purposes.

The supporting structure of tent hospital - a sealed pressure arch that serves as a frame. Inflatable tents can be operated year-round, in almost any weather conditions (from minus 60 to plus 70 degrees Celsius).

In emergency situations, every second counts. Rapid Deployment of tent hospital, its light weight, versatility, comfort and reliability make it indispensable for medical use in open terrain. Complete tent hospital shall consist of a plurality of sectors: surgical, therapeutic, laboratory, hospital care, administrative areas. The sooner it is deployed in practice, the best results are achieved doctors, having the possibility of early diagnosis and emergency distribution of the victims.

Medical tent can be used as a point of care, evacuation, decontamination, degassing stations, medical isolator, living room.

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