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Medical tents, tent hospitalThe problem of insomnia in the treatment of COPD

The problem of insomnia in the treatment of COPD

The problem of insomnia in the treatment of COPD

Maria Chapel, MD University of Illinois, working on tactics of management of patients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and related insomnia. Her research aims to develop techniques that allow these patients to manage their sleep, his deep phase.

COPD comprises a group of diseases involving the respiratory tract block (emphysema, bronchitis, RDS), for which need oxygen concentrator.

Capella found that in patients with severe COPD, insomnia is a key factor leading to chronic muscle fatigue. In COPD basic drugs - bronchodilators, and sleep disturbances are their most frequent side effects.

Research is conducted on a small group of volunteers. Based on data of brain activity from patient monitors was a daily schedule of sleep: the ratio of time spent in bed to the total sleep time, nervous agitation, depression, daily activity. Oxygen is supplied from the portable oxygen concentrators.

The study purports to give patients understanding of the problem, to teach them to deal with it on their own.

In the treatment of COPD uses a variety of equipment: oxygen concentrators and humidifiers, medical valve systems, oxygen generators, gas distribution console accessories belonging to medical gases, transport ventilators. The company Westmedgroup supplies the whole range of oxygen concentrators and generators produced by the French company MILS.