The MEDUCORE Trainer is a device for simulating the use of the MEDUCORE Easy automated external defibrillator from WEINMANN. Using the radio remote control, the training manager can simulate faults and analysis results during the train-ing session. The device can be adapted to the training situation in question using the Setup menu of the remote control. This allows the function of the MEDUCORE Easy defibrillator and resuscitation of patients with acute cardiovascular arrest to be trained in the ideal way. Use the MEDUCORE Trainer only for the purpose described here.

Training manager Training sessions with the MEDUCORE Trainer may only be conducted by persons who have evidence of the following qualifications: • training in basic life-saving first-aid measures, in-cluding the use of automated defibrillators.

The visual and acoustic user guide consists of display fields and voice prompts. It corresponds to the user guide of the MEDUCORE Easy. When the metronome function is operating, an acous-tic metronome signal is output at 100 beats per minute during the resuscitation pause. Perform chest compres-sions at the same rhythm as the signal tones. After 30 signal tones you will hear a voice prompt say "Give 2 breaths now".You now have a few seconds in which to give two breaths before the voice prompt says "Give 30 chest compressions now" and 30 signal tones are heard again. This sequence continues until the resuscitation pause is ended and the red display field ("Stand clear of the Patient") lights up. If the infor-mation key is pressed during the resuscitation pause, the voice prompt will be output. The metronome then continues to run in the background without audible sig-nal tones.

Simulation of ECG recording and analysis The MEDUCORE Trainer does not perform active ECG recording and analysis. Using the radio remote control, the training manager can select complete sim-ulation sequences (scenarios) or simulate analysis results and faults directly at the touch of a button.

Simulation of defibrillation The MEDUCORE Trainer does not perform any active shock preparation or delivery. Depending on the set-tings selected by the training manager via remote con-trol, the MEDUCORE Trainer simulates shock preparation, requests the user to trigger the shock and simulates delivery of the shock.

Simulation of status indicators The MEDUCORE Trainer can be used to simulate the status indicators of the MEDUCORE Easy. Device status is indicated by status indicators on the front of the device. There really is a fault if the relevant key on the remote control is also flashing.

Energy-saving function

In contrast to the MEDUCORE Easy, the MEDUCORE Trainer does not remain in stand-by mode when the lid is closed, but is disabled complete-ly after approx. 30 minutes if no settings are made by remote control. No device status is then displayed and the connection to the remote control is interrupted. Opening and closing the device lid briefly puts the device back in stand-by mode.