1-channel emergency ECG with built-in tripod electrode

Any situation requiring an emergency ECG. It can also be used for home heart rate monitoring.


The MS-3 is equipped with a built-in tripod electrode on its reverse side. The tripod is applied directly to the chest and allows rapid evaluation of an event. The large monitor screen displays the ECG signals clearly and within seconds. Up to 47 seconds of an ECG and real-time heart rate can be viewed on screen. The MS-3 also has a QRS beeper with an On/Off switch. Particular events are marked with an event key.


  • A „quick view“ 3 or 5 lead ECG
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Ready for use in no time

Once initial care for the patient has been carried out, heart activity may still have to be monitored. Use the patient cable adapter to connect the MINISCOPE to a 3 or 5 lead patient cable. The ECG monitoring can be recorded by the MS-3 so you can reconstruct everything that has occurred. Memory storage is sufficient for 30 minutes ECG recording. The MS-3 can also separately record the data from two patients.

Display time of 46 seconds  

Memory for up to 30 minutes of ECG recording  

3 or 5 lead patient cable connectable  

Printout through any ECG unit  

Weighs only 250 grams 

Analogue output adapter set for MS-3 patient cable

Adapter with RS-232 interface for data transmission to MS-3 software program for evaluation and automatic analysis