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Mobile communication systems

Mobile communication systems

Mobile communication systems

Mobile communication systems improve the quality of care


Replacement of stationary phones and pagers intercom in favor for smartphones and tablets significantly reduced the time of the emergency call.

New high-speed communication system operate over a wireless network controlled by the main terminal (PC), which sends messages to the smart staff. This system has only three stages, as distinct from previously used in large hospitals ten step.

On average, previously used communication system increased the time patients stay in hospital for a day.

Wireless connection communication system helps to reduce the time of diagnosis patients with aggravation and false symptoms, reduce the number of false alarms (when you press the nurse call button).

High quality medical care - the science and management of the increasing flow of information containing personal Data of human health - is akin to art. Medical facilities create a program for storage and easy data exchange.

New communication system are convenient in that each message has a rank of urgency - green, yellow, red, and the quest for it disappears from the list, which facilitates identification of the front work.

It is indisputable that the mobile technology, while offering instant access to patient data, increas the productivity and efficiency of health care institutions.

Wireless Bluetooth displays medical history at the hospital terminal and on the tablet, and the doctor did not have to move away from the bedside to see the data analysis.

It has a wireless communication. This system have, of course, its own disadvantages. The most obvious - the technical failure. Information can be lost if power outages communication will be interrupted.

WestMedGroup offers a wide range of communications systems for health care institutions: call systems, two-way radios, conference speaker with LEDs. Alarm systems are used for usual warnings about technological malfunctions (fire, gas leak).