Mobile field hospitals

These tents are suitable for long-term usage in field conditions especially due to the fact that they are of highly resistant materials which are in compliance with the NATO requirements. They can be used mainly as field hospital complexes, military headquarters or logistic field complexes. The main advantage of the system is sufficient stability of the inflatable construction without usage of supporting metal or plastic components.
The tents are made on the basis of pressurized double-room tube construction. The double-room system ensures sufficient stability in case of damage occurrence, so that the tent can be repaired. The ES tents are easily portable and offer rapid, easy assembly and fast tactical serviceability. The tents have a universal width in order to create various shapes and variations of hospital or logistic complexes.

Technical data

  • pressure in tube construction: 0,29 bar
  • can be inflated by a compressor or pressurized air bottles
  • large sleeves for air-condition distribution (350 mm diameter), smaller sleeves for cables (150 mm diameter)
  • three-layer windows (mosquito net, transparent foil and semi translucent layer of the same material as the roof)
  • door sleeves with fasteners for connection to other tents
  • a simple system of door closure which also stops  water from leaking into the tent
  • anchoring system for stability in tough weather conditions
  • colour: khaki

Tent ES-35 T


  • outside dimensions: 6 500 x 6 000 x 3 000 mm (l x w x h)
  • inside dimensions: 6 500 x 5 500 x 2 700 mm (l x w x h)
  • folded and packed: 1 400 x 1 200 x 800 mm (l x w x h)


  • 160 kg

Tent ES-36 TS


  • outside dimensions:6 000 x 6 000 x 3 000 mm (l x w x h)
  • inside dimensions: 6 000 x 6 000 x 2 700 mm (l x w x h)
  • folded and packed: 1 500 x 1 500 x 800 mm (l x w x h)


  • 155 kg

Tent ES-48 T


  • outside dimensions: 8 250 x 6 000 x 3 000 mm (l x w x h)
  • inside dimensions: 8 250 x 5 500 x 2 700 mm (l x w x h)
  • folded and packed: 1 500 x 1 500 x 800 mm (l x w x h)


  • 185 kg


The isolation negative pressure tent ES-56LP serves to isolate and treat more people with highly dangerous infections. Its purpose is to provide a safe quarantine space based on the negative pressure, protecting the environment from infected patients by placing them into the isolation tent.

- rapid erection and serviceability thank to inflatable tubular construction

- capacity of up to 20 hospitalized persons

- optimal negative pressure inside the tent

- sucked out contaminated air goes through HEPA-filter with built-in source of UV radiation that destroys captured organisms

- filtration efficiency is 99,9995%

- special inner built-in liner with transition chamber

- separate inner storage spaces

- facility of staff and equipment decontamination after exiting the chamber in attached decontamination module

- technical entry for inner equipment installation

- possibility of safe attachment in case of use in hazardous weather conditions

Technical data

tent inflated

- length – outside / inside 10 240 / 10 240 mm

- width – outside / inside 6 000 / 5 600 mm

- height – outside / inside 3 030 / 2 900 mm

effective workspace cca 51 m2

folded and packed dimensions 1 500 x 1 000 x 850 mm

tent weight (without other equipment) 195 kg

operating pressure in tube construction 23 – 29 kPa

inflation time 6 minutes

Tent materials

Roof polyester (PES) fabric Udineza with polyurethane

(PUR) coating, single-coated with polyvinyl chloride

(PVC) layer, areal weight of 296 g/m2

Floor polyester (PES) fabric, double-coated with

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) layer, grey colour, areal

weight of 517 g/m2

Inflatable constr. polyamide (PA) canvas, double-coated with rubber

layer, black colour, areal weight of 560 g/m2