Mobile surgical complex

Mobile surgical complex consists of the following components: operating room with modular hospital corridor.

Operating room and its equipment placed in 7 containers ISO 1C.

2 x container ISO 1C - Operating room,

1x container ISO 1C - Preparation of patients,

1x container ISO 1C - Training of personals,

1x container ISO 1C - Septic with transport spaciousness,

1x container ISO 1C - Transfer expanse of water transport,

1x container ISO 1C - Power, including the substation and synchronization.

Hospital corridor formed by the modular span tent, or a self-supporting inflatable structure with equipment.

The technical performance of individual operating units designed in accordance with the requirements applicable to each workstation with the specialization in the field.

Complex can be connected with a hospital as an auxiliary module, or you can use it as a separate, independent medical unit.

This mobile equipment is designed for emergency medical or first aid directly in the field or in remote areas. For example, in the aftermath of natural disasters, in humanitarian UN missions, etc.

Mobile medical and health centers allow to provide emergency medical care and carry out emergency operations necessary for the salvation of the wounded or sick. It is primarily:

  • surgery;
  • resuscitation of critically ill and injured;
  • survey and outpatient care;
  • support rescue teams in the field

Mobile medical units have a high level of modularity. If necessary, they can be joined together into larger mobile medical facilities, such as field hospitals or humanitarian base. Mobile hospitals can be supplied according to customer requirements as specialized medical centers - mobile operating complex (MOK), surgical clinic, a mobile medical center for vaccinations, mobile clinic for screening and transfusion of blood, etc.