Typical hospital equipment

Model equipment of cleanroom

Model equipment of cleanroom

Model equipment of cleanroom

Cleanroom equipment and measures to eliminate accidents is regulated by the following documents:
National standard R ISO 14644.4-02: Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments
National standard R 52539-2006: Clean air in hospitals
Temporary guidelines for the placement of devices and equipment in high-tech medical centers

Building design 2.08.02-89: Design of structures medical institutions
Health standards and regulations 118.13330.2012 Public buildings and facilities

New approaches to epidemiological safety, based on the results of evidence-based medicine and epidemiology. The planning decisions is expressed in the refusal of septic and aseptic Operating Room, physiological and observational obstetric units by maximum isolation of patients chamber with approximate bathroom, designing ward offices based on the principle of maximum assistance and services directly to the patient in the ward, ensuring anti-epidemic measures and work to eliminate accidents through the creation and equipment of premises for the proper handling of medical instruments and care items.

Typical equipment of the hospital should be the main way to optimize the flow of personnel, patients, hospital cargo in order to minimize their length. Planning decisions and equipment (closed truck, sealed waste containers, continuous sterilizers and washers, washing machines barrier and others.) Must be isolated as much as possible the flow of materials with a high degree of epidemiological risk from other streams, with the packaged goods can be transported by a hospital-wide elevators.

The main methods of defense against the spread of nosocomial infections are: compliance personnel standard precautions, compliance officers instructions, proper handling of potentially infectious materials and instruments at the appropriate level, and organized to ensure their disinfection and sterilization. Typical equipment of hospitals may use different forms of spatial isolation: receiving diagnostic boxes; Individual generic boxes at the front desk; allocation in the several ICU; Individual delivery room; single chamber box (insulators); spatial isolation of the chambers inside the compartment; reduction of power branches.

For disinfection and sterilization services we offer steam sterilizers and washers Steris.

The company WestMedGroup also specializes in the design of cleanroom using materials Formedical (partitions and window panels, doors, suspended ceilings, filter tips and luminescent tips).