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Bed head unit MZ Liberec DN 2

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DN 2

Bed head unit MZLiberec RN07-DN2 allows a multi-spectral placement of medical gas outlets and low-voltage installations on the left/right side or just in the middle of itself. It is distinguished by an easy plugging-in of multibedded options to the medical gas distribution system and low-voltage power circuit.

Wall mounted bed head units MZLiberec made of extruded aluminium profiles provide variaty of combinations. The access to the interior of the profiles is performed through a clipped front cover which allows an easy access and the possibility to expand or reduce the unit equipment easily. Recommended for hospital areas such as standard rooms, high-standard rooms or intermediate care rooms.

Units could be adapted to specific needs of the customer. Direct light is switched on/off by a string or by a combined switch placed next to hand of a patient and attachable by connector RJ 45 (data socket). Nurse-call connection could be also operated by the combined switch. Night and Indirect light switches could be placed either on Module or on the room wall. Module could be delivered uninterrupted for 3 beds – max. length is 4950mm.

DN 2


Electric sockets

Medical gas

quick outlet

Direct light

Indirect light

Night light




Material: anodized aluminum. Its advantages: lightness, strength, safety, health, corrosion resistance and UV durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics, the oxide film layer allows the product at high humidity; anodized surface does not darken and does not require additional processing.

This product is manufactured following the standard applicable to medical devices, ČSN EN ISO 11197:2005, ČSN EN 60601-1:2001, ČSN EN ISO 7396-1,2:2007 and ČSN EN ISO 9170-1,2:2009