Criticare nGenuity (EP1) Vital Signs Monitor

 The nGenuity patient monitor provides straightforward operation with a user-configurable display, enabling clinicians to quickly access the results they need. For conscious sedation or post-procedure recovery monitoring, this monitor features a wide variety of parameters, including advanced capabilities like ECG analysis, capnography, and mini-trend reporting.

The nGenuity also provides:

A color display with large numeric readings that makes it easy to read from across the room.

An intuitive on-screen menu selection to streamline monitor set-up and usage.

Flexible monitor options available with many configurations including CO2 monitoring and arrhythmia with ST analysis.

Inspired and end-tidal readings.

Compatibility with EMR/HIS systems and Criticare’s VitalView® central station.

An optional configuration that features a patented high-capacity water trap with full occlusion clearing. The trap can be used on multiple patients to lower costs.

Faster, more comfortable readings through our proprietary ComfortCuff® NIBP that measures on inflation.

Adjustable audible and visual alarm settings during continuous monitoring.

Adult, pediatric, and neonate settings to test a complete range of patients.

Each monitor comes with (1) SpO2 sensor, (1) NIBP hose, (1) child/small adult NIBP cuff, (1) adult NIBP cuff, (1) large adult NIBP cuff, (1) ECG cable with set of electrodes, (1) rechargeable battery, (1) power cord, and (1) user manual on CD-Rom. (5) water traps, (5) sampling lines, (1) scavenging kit.

The nGenuity 8100EP1 series patient monitor displays true end-tidal CO2 with numerical ETCO2 and INCO2 values as well as capnographic waveform. A smart respiration feature automatically defaults to the best available source, either CO2 or ECG TTI.

The advanced design capnometer module is accurate with breath rates up to 120 breaths per minute. Flow rate is set at 200 mL per minute for exceptionally fast response. A rise time responsiveness within 170 milliseconds provides outstanding waveform display.

The capnometer modules uses sidestream sampling and Criticare's patented WaterChek water traps to remove moisture without distortion to the CO2 waveform. The water traps have a large 22 mL reservoir and full occlusion clearing capability unlike many other CO2 monitoring systems. Compact and lightweight, the nGenuity 8100E1 series patient monitor can monitor adult and pediatric patients in virtually every department - at bedside or in transit. The innovative user interface features simplified menus and dedicated function keys for timely set-ups. The big, bright display with large numerics can easily be seen, even from across the room.

The nGenuity 8100EP1 series patient monitor mounts quickly and easily to walls and roll stands.