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Oxygen concentrators: world market trends for the years 2013-2019

Oxygen concentrators: world market trends for the years 2013-2019.

Oxygen concentrators: world market trends for the years 2013-2019.

Oxygen concentrators: world market trends for the years 2013-2019.

The study was conducted by specialists of Winter Green Research. The document consists of 572 pages 241 chart. This article - a brief retelling.

The world market tends to increase sales of devices for oxygen, which is associated with an population aging. Portable devices have become available and support the mobile lifestyle of patients.

Modern oxygen concentrators are lighter, stronger, and successfully compete with massive precursors. A huge breakthrough in technology illustrate the Inogen G3 and VBox Trooper.

New Portable Oxygen Concentrator - a multifunctional device.

These changes are opening up new horizons for manufacturers of oxygen equipment. Services such as multiple visits to patients at home, are not needed. Delivery of oxygen cylinders are costly and in need of human resources. Terms and conditions of market competition have reduced profitability in the third.

The advent of reliable, low-cost home oxygen concentrators has significantly changed the market dynamics. Portable concentrators outperform bulky predecessors in the price.

According to forecasts, the market sales of oxygen concentrators increase from $ 242.5 million in 2012 to $ 1.9 billion in 2019. The increase is a result of the emergence of new manufacturers specializing in over easy to use mobile devices.

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