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Patient bed. Square column base electrical height regulation with trendelenburg


Electrical height regulating bed Twin, is a medical device bed developed according to UNI CEI EN 60601-2-52:2010 standards, conceived for use in speciality wards and intensive therapy. Twin aids nurse staff in caring for the patient and contributes towards better quality of care and recovery.

Twin offers a series of important characteristics and optional accessories to meet all requirements for a universal hospital bed. Simultaneously, the variety of configurations is also in harmony in any environmental setting.

Each component was studied and constructed to facilitate cleaning and sanification procedures. In particular, all metal components are epoxy coated in white NCS S 1002 – B with anti-microbial additive. The mattress surface is made in steel and allows for polyfunctional device and accessory insertion.

The Twin bed offers several advantages and best technological solutions developed from the company’s multi-sector know how, aiming towards improvement of patient safety and facilitating operator’s work.

Variable electrical column height regulation to guarantee stability at all heights, even during patient transportation, allowing for greater loads. Bed frame made in ABS thermoframe with 4 removable sections.

The sliding back and pelvic sections is obtained by use of actuators while foot section is manoeuvred with a Rastomat device. Bed includes CPR handles and tank holder.

Surface section with 3 joints and 4 sections in extractable technopolymer with raised edges for mattress containment.

Automatic back and pelvic 9 cm slide sections when operated to avoid abdominal pressure.

The panels at each end of the bed are easily extractable and allow nurse staff fast access to patients head when necessary.

No strain, easy panel removal in complete safety aids work of nursing staff.

Dimensions (125 mm castors)

Maximum floor height - 850 mm

Minimum floor height - 450 mm

Bed length with bumpers - 2230 mm

Bed width with Technopolymer lifted side rails - 1000 mm

Bed width with collapsed side rails - 980 mm

Surface dimensions - 2008x880 mm

Technical Data

Autocontour Trendelenburg/Reverse - 19°

Back regulation - 70°

Pelvic regulation - from 0 to 36°

Foot regulation - from 0 to 16°

Back translation - 90 mm

Maximum lift capacity - 250 kg

Safe working load - 230 kg

Electrical Data

Power supply - 220V – 50 Hz

IEC protection class - I / B

Voltage - 24 Vcc

Electric efficiency - 1,5 A