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Plague in the XXI century

Plaguein the  XXI century

Plaguein the XXI century

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that a small outbreak of pneumonic plague in Colorado in 2014 was caused by an infected pit bull terrier.

On July 8, 2014, middle-aged man was hospitalized with pneumonia after a serious long-term fever, and later transferred in transport box to a detention center with isolation chamber.

In his sputum it was Initially identified Pseudomonas luteola, but as symptoms increased, there was conducted further testing and was identified the bacterium Yersinia pestis.

2 weeks before, the patient’s dog after a short period of shortness of breath and coughing blood was put to sleep. Liver and lung tissues of dogs have been tested for the presence of Y. Pestis with positive result.

In the veterinary clinic, where dog was treated, the employee directly in contact with her, also became ill. He is also was hospitalized шт isolation chamber.

Pulmonary plague is the primary form of pneumonia develops when an infected person by airborne droplets of his respiratory system. Another way of infection - direct application of infection with contaminated hands or objects on the mucous membranes.

There are two stages of pneumonic plague:

The first stage is characterized by the predominance of the common symptoms of the plague, in the second stage of pulmonary forms present abrupt changes of lung.

The most dangerous period, which is characterized by the allocation of microbes into the environment - the second period of the disease. On The patient should be placed in an isolation chamber. for the content of infected patients.                                                        

Vaccinations alive and killed plague vaccine effective against bubonic plague. The first patients were cured only with the introduction in the practice of streptomycin.

In animals, the incubation period is 10 days.

Yersinia pestis is transmitted through the bite of an flea infected animal.

In February, scientists from Weill Cornell Medical College have revealed traces of anthrax and bubonic plague in the New York City subway. Encouragingly, they have been found at levels high enough to be harmful to human health.

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