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Practical application of defibrillators

Practical application of defibrillators

Practical application of defibrillators

In 1997, American Airlines became the first airline in the United States, which aircraft was equipped with automatic external defibrillators (AED), and in 2007 American Airlines proudly noted that within ten years have been saved 76 lives.

At American Airlines each of the nearly 18,000 cabin crew of the airline is held annually training on automatic defibrillation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), in 95 percent of cases of sudden cardiac arrest patients die before they are taken to hospital, but if there was an application of defibrillation within 5 - 7 minutes after a sudden cardiac arrest, the survival rate is high - 49%. Thus defibrillator aboard is vital.

Recommendations for preparing for an airplane flight for the elderly (SENIORJOURNAL):

  • find about the resources available at each airport, including the availability of wheelchairs, oxygen tanks and organizing transportation for the elderly and disabled between gates and terminals; do not be afraid to ask for help;
  • Honestly evaluate your physical condition and health restrictions, and inform in advance the flight crew that you may need help;
  • Make a list of the most important information about yourself, write down on a piece of paper the following information: name, address, telephone number, the person you want to call in case of emergency, medicines, a summary of the health, and the name and phone number of the person traveling with you or meet you at the destination;
  • Sitting in his chair, twist wrists, ankles and neck to prevent the swelling of the joints;
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing, stockings, which help blood circulation, or shoes with Velcro, which can be easily loosen during the flight, or for security reasons. Avoid close garments overtighten the middle part of the body;
  • Stand up and walk to the restroom, to disperse the blood.

Put in your hand luggage important things:

  • medications and / or prescriptions. Before the flight, make sure you bring all the recipes that packages are full of essential drugs that you're taking and you have information on dosage;

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