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Premature babies and the appointment of steroids

Premature babies and the appointment of steroids

Premature babies and the appointment of steroids

The benefits of antenatal steroids for premature babies were many - they reduced the risk of lung disease, the need for a ventilator, infection, serious gut complications, and bleeding into the brain.

Steroids given to premature babies to help them breathe and maintain normal blood pressure may impair the development of a part of their brains, a new study shows.

Researchers found that premature babies treated with the steroid drugs had cerebellums that were 10 percent smaller than those of normal newborns. The cerebellum is a region of the brain that plays an important role in motor control, and is also involved in balance, language and behavior.

Corticosteroids are appointed in labor, have proven effective in reducing the risk of infant death, respiratory distress, intraventricular haemorrhage and long-term complications (mental retardation, motor disorders). Yet in the Bangladesh (and other countries with medium and low rate of development) only 50% of pregnant women receive corticosteroids (published in the journal The Lancet).

GCS reduces the risk of infant mortality by 53% in regions with missing oxygen support (ventilator). These drugs have proven to be the most secure, reliable and cost-effective. Antenatal corticosteroids included in the recommendations for mothers and children, as the first-line agents. Preparations accelerate the development of pulmonary surfactant and even prenatal, a positive effect on cerebral blood flow, reduce the risk of intestinal infection.

They reinforce the body’s system of biological protection.

Given a weak immune system and system of biological protection increased susceptibility to the dangers of premature babies environment, they need enhanced care. Company Westmedgroup Ltd. It offers a wide range of medical equipment for neonatal (system of biological and chemical protection, pediatric terminals, monitors, ventilator, and shipping boxes incubators for newborns manufacturer Weinmann, MZ Liberec), as well as designing and equipping of sterile chambers in pediatric wards (BLOCK).